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Helm Example

This example demonstrates a Helm chart included as an artifact within a CSAR.

To deploy this example you can generally follow the instructions for the Hello World example, though make sure to build the chart artifact first. E.g.:

turandot service deploy helm --file=dist/helm.csar

As long as you have LoadBalancer ingress support on your cluster (such as Minikube’s “tunnel”), then you can then use curl or a web browser to access the deployed service:

IP=$(kubectl get services --output=jsonpath={.items[0].status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip})
xdg-open http://$IP:8080

Helper Scripts

How the Helm Chart Was Created

We used helm create hello-world. Unfortunately, this example chart assumes privileged containers on the host that are not allowed out-of-the-box on OpenShift. To ensure it would work on OpenShift we made two changes: